Friday, May 27, 2016

Affordable tree trimming

As the best tree felling company in Pretoria, we are providing many services to all areas around the city and its suburbs including cutting down all types of trees: palm, elm, plants, gum-tree, jacaranda, garden and urban site clearing, stump and root removal - tree planting/ replacements in parks, streets, gardens, storm damage/ insurance claims, lightning protection systems, mulching/ wood chipping, firewood instant lawn supplies, garden clean ups and site clearances, urban tree removals, private or public spaces, cutting and pruning services, tree audits/ consultancy/ consultations & appraisals, disease diagnosis and treatment,  palm tree removal, removal of alien or invasive species, crane truck hire + chipper hire and tree cabling/ bracing/ rigging. When it comes to Pretoria's foremost tree felling companies, our tree care services adhere to all South African safety regulations. Our team members have a range of skills. Not only are we professional timberjacks but also offer tree removal consultation. For all these services under one roof, call us now on 012 004 1829 or visit us at

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pretoria based gardening services

There are many gardening services we offer as the best gardening agency in Pretoria and they include mowing of lawn and lawn edging, raking and sweeping, weeding, dead heading flowers, dead leaves removal, hedge trimming, foliage cutting, sweeping services, seasonal garden services, trenching, commercial & residential gardening, gutter cleaning, garden paving, trellis work, pot planters, plant nursery in Pretoria, garden pots Pretoria supplies, weed control, garden pruning, pruning of plants, top dressing, small and large scale landscaping, horticultural advice, garden furniture, weekly grass cutting, twice monthly and monthly garden management, full time gardeners, garden clean ups, pest management, irrigation systems, pruning of plants, top dressing, small and large scale landscaping, horticultural advice etc. Our qualified gardeners are available for projects of every size. We work with residential homes, public and corporate estates. With a large team made up of experienced garden contractors we tailor our approach to meet your needs. Whether you require a weekly or monthly maintenance, or simply require a one-off job, our specialists are always ready to help. Call us on 012 004 1830 or visit us at

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ways to Choose and Win Mother Daughter Battles

Moms: Increase Your MOM Power! Download FREE: Ways to Choose and Win Mother Daughter Battles from I Love You But I Can't Stand You Right Now: 100 Ways to Deal With Raising Tween-Teen Girls  and gain powerful insights, tips and and more about one of the most complex relationships women have: mother daughter.